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Playlists now available, and new music notes
Posted/Last Updated 23 Feb 2021 20:30

Hello, and hope your February is going well so far!

Our playlist is now available by using the drop-down breadcrumb menu, using the footer menu, or by going directly to https://rxdio.com/Playlist.

Also, I've been messing around with the music a bit. First off, I added a few exclusive tracks with a trance feel to them. Secondly, I'm experimenting with using some excellent music from outside artists who use the Creative Commons Attribution license. Projects I'm dropping in include glaciƦre, Stevia Sphere, Delete The Cube, Lee Rosevere, Soft and Furious, Paternoster Poetry, pine voc, and Anonymous 420. Trying to get a feel for how they sound next to the exclusive content over the next few days. If they sound good, I'll keep them in!

Hope you enjoy the enhancements!

- Richard

Photo: The RXDIO playlist page.