How to Listen
You can listen to RXDIO in the below ways!

Pop-Up Web Player
Our Audio Player is 128 kb/s.

Our Apps
Currently iOS & Android. Download iOS App Download Android App

External Players

Direct Streaming Link: https://rxdio.com/live/
The direct link to the audio stream, should work everywhere.

PLS External Link: https://rxdio.com/rxdio.pls
iTunes, VLC media player, Totem, RealPlayer, Winamp, Yahoo! Music Jukebox, MediaMonkey, Windows Media Player, AIMP, Kodi, Rhythmbox, foobar2000, and more than 30 others are able to open PLS files.

M3U External Link: https://rxdio.com/rxdio.m3u
iTunes, VLC media player, Kodi, Banshee, Clementine, MPlayer, mpv and others are able to open M3U files.