Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I listen to RXDIO?
A: There are multiple audio and video options. Our "How To Listen" page has a full rundown of the current options.

Q: Can I play RXDIO in my business / shop / etc?
A: Yes! Since we own the copyright to these tracks, or otherwise license them through a Creative Commons Attribution license, we give you permission to play the RXDIO stream for no cost in your place of business, royalty free. No need to worry about ASCAP, BMI, and other performing rights organizations.

Q: What kind of music does RXDIO play?
A: We call it a mix of "post-contemporary background music". "Chilled-out beats" also works as a description.

Q: Who creates the exclusive tracks on RXDIO?
A: They are created by us and the artists that we work directly with. All samples we use are licensed.

Q: Can I download exclusive music from RXDIO?
A: This is something we're working on. Please let us know if you're interested.

Q: Why is most of your music not available commercially?
A: The main reason is because commercially-released music is available everywhere. Spotify, iTunes and mainstream radio are much better suited for that purpose. We want to give you a reason to listen to us.

Q: How do you pronounce RXDIO?
A: We spell it out: "R-X-D-I-O".