The RXDIO logo. In the background are blue clouds photographed from a commercial airline above Nevada.
About Us
Info on RXDIO

RXDIO conducts real-world testing on terrestrial radio projects. Our strategies go beyond the whiteboard or laboratory.

From terrestrial smartphone content delivery to connected cars and more, we're trying out innovative solutions to the barriers modern broadcasters face.

In 2021, we were granted a permit to build a commercial FM radio station in Nevada. This will provide a testing ground for our projects. Construction on the physical transmission facility is currently in progress.

Two related companies exist: LLC owns the radio station license. RXDIO Nevada LLC owns the land on which the project lives. Our projects fall under the umbrella of whichever company is the best match for the particular situation.

How do we pronounce our name? We prefer to spell it out: "R-X-D-I-O".

As we grow, we look forward to exploring different technologies for radio broadcast distribution. Thanks for visiting!